About Us

We are local paving contractors that concentrate mainly on drives and driveways, although we do create some gorgeous patios and paved areas.

Too many paving contractors, builders and ‘tradesmen’ in general have such a bad reputation for customer service and the quality of their work. We are nothing like those businesses you hear about so often from people you know or you see so often in the press or on TV. Most of our wok comes from the recommendations of past customers and we have a great reputation that would never want to tarnish; so if in the very unusual situation our work didn’t match our promise we would quickly rectify any issues you discovered.

We believe in doing a great job for a fair price: we aren’t out to make a fortune out of you by overpricing our work and we definitely do not employ the common ‘tactic’ paving contractors use of just undercutting enough to get the job, and then starting the job only to turn round and ‘manufacture’ some reason why the price needs to increase. All the prices we quote are what it genuinely costs to do the work you require properly and if you get quoted a notable lower figure it means that you will not be getting the quality of work or materials that you described to us you wanted. How long the work will last is another concern: even if you don’t get charged more than was quoted: the tiny amount you thought you were saving pales into insignificance if you have to pay to get the work re-done properly, and instead of having spent that money to increase the value of your property it actually decreases it!

Our intention is to give you the results you expected when you described to us what you wanted, and hopefully even exceed your expectations so that you recommend us to your friends and family. If you would like to discuss any issues further then please call us on 0121 285 4787

Driveways Halesowen 5 year guarantee